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Crowning Glory of Great Gidding Mill Tower

12th May 2015

Crowland Cranes are pleased to be a part of the continuing history of the Great Gidding Mill tower. Providing a contract lift using their new GMK3060 Grove 60t Capacity and H beam configuration lifting equipment. A system was configured to – 1: Lift the roof without causing any damage to the fibre glass roof and timber frame work. 2: De-sling the roof from inside the tower 14m up from ground level. Listed Grade II, The Mill is thought to have been built around 1840 and then refurbished and operated by W L Clark Houghton around 1870. It is thought that the sails were blown away by strong winds in November 1875 when severe storms and gale strength winds caused havoc across the East. Soon after a steam engine powered by using the mill pond adjacent to the mill was used to power the mill until 1927. It was also believed to have been used as a lookout in WWII


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