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Crowland Cranes provide a wide array of cranes for hire with services to compliment.

Crane Hire

Our crane rental department specialise and pride themselves in offering a full and comprehensive 24 hour service.

We operate a wide range of mobile cranes utilised by our experienced team of CPCS certified Crane Operators, Slinger Signallers and appointed persons.

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Peterborough Depot

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Norwich Depot

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Depot Operating Areas

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Manufacturer Model Capacity Icon Boom Icon Type Icon
Maeda MC104 Maeda MC104 500 kg 1.85m - 5.3m Crawler View Spec
UNIC 506 UNIC 506 3 ton 17.7 meter Crawler View Spec
Maeda LC785 Maeda LC785 4.9 ton 4.63m - 15.63m Crawler View Spec
Grove AP415 Grove AP415 12 ton 5.5m - 12.5m Industrial View Spec
Ormig 16TME Ormig 16TME 16 ton 4.77m - 13.7m Industrial View Spec
Bocker AK52 Bocker AK52 6 ton 52 m Truck View Spec
Bocker AK46/6000 Bocker AK46/6000 6 ton 44 m Truck View Spec
Kato CR-200Ri Kato CR-200Ri 20 ton 6.5m - 28m Industrial View Spec
Scania F485A Scania F485A 13.5 ton 3.10m - 14.40m View Spec
Scania Fassi F365A Scania Fassi F365A 11.5 ton 2.45m - 14.55m Truck View Spec
Tadano TS75-ML Tadano TS75-ML 8 ton 6.6m - 21.3m Truck View Spec
Tadano HK40 Tadano HK40 40 ton 10.5m - 35.2m Truck View Spec
Tadano ATF40G-2 Tadano ATF40G-2 40 ton 10.5m - 35.2m All-Terrain View Spec
Liebherr LTM 1040-2 Liebherr LTM 1040-2 40 ton 10.5m - 35m All-Terrain View Spec
Grove RT550E Grove RT550E 45t 9.9m - 39m Rough Terrain View Spec
Grove GMK3060 Grove GMK3060 60 ton 9.6m - 43m All-Terrain View Spec
Grove GMK3060L-1 Grove GMK3060L-1 60t 9.55m - 48m All-Terrain View Spec
Liebherr LTM1060-3 Liebherr LTM1060-3 60 ton 10.3m - 48m All-Terrain View Spec
Spiering SK597-AT4 Spiering SK597-AT4 7,000kg 48m Mobile Tower View Spec
Liebherr LTM1090.4 Liebherr LTM1090.4 90 ton 11.4m - 60m All-Terrain View Spec
Grove GRT8100-1 Grove GRT8100-1 100t 12m - 47m Rough Terrain View Spec
Kobelco CKE900G Kobelco CKE900G 100t 39.6m Crawler View Spec
Tadano ATF100G-4 Tadano ATF100G-4 100 ton 11.1m - 51.2m All-Terrain View Spec
Liebherr LTM1150.5 Liebherr LTM1150.5 150t 12.3 - 66mtr All-Terrain View Spec
Tadano ATF220G-5 Tadano ATF220G-5 220 ton 13.2m - 68m All-Terrain View Spec
Grove GMK5250XL Grove GMK5250XL 250t 13.4m - 96.3m All-Terrain View Spec
Grove GMK6300L GMK6300L Grove GMK6300L GMK6300L 300t 13.2 - 120m All-Terrain View Spec

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