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Facebook Update | 3 May 2021

3rd May 2021 0 Comments

What a great experience today by the team at Crowland. After 3 years, the WW2 Buffalo Lvt departed from its resting place for the last 74 years. Recovery is always a challenge which enables us to learn new experiences every time, this was one to remember. Special…

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Facebook Update | 9 February 2021

9th February 2021 0 Comments

Our LTM1050 city class crane operated from our Norwich depot, working in as close a proximity as you get and doing exactly what it was designed to do. Crowland offers our clients the most versatile range of cranes for hire throughout East Anglia from our Norwich, Peterborough and Bury…

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Facebook Update | 13 January 2021

13th January 2021 0 Comments

Something different for our Bury St Edmunds depot over the Christmas break, helping the USAF with aircraft recovery training using one of our Tadano ATF100G’s.

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Facebook Update | 24 December 2020

24th December 2020 0 Comments

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the team at Crowland Cranes…

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Facebook Update | 4 December 2020

4th December 2020 0 Comments

SANTA IS ON HIS WAY! After the devastating news earlier this week that Crowland Fire Station had to canel Santa and his sleigh this year, we are delighted to announce that with the support of the Crowland Parish Council, we are proud to help in bringing the magic of…

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Facebook Update | 20 November 2020

20th November 2020 0 Comments

Our latest addition to join our Power-Pad product range. The new Mod Lite system, provides a light weight, cost effective solution for increased outrigger support. Call: 01733 210561 or email: For more details.

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Facebook Update | 13 November 2020

13th November 2020 0 Comments

Nice article in Cranes & Access October publication on crane outrigger mats. Including details on our Power Pad HD steel crane mats and our new aluminium range HD Lite & Mod Lite systems. For more details email:…

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Facebook Update | 30 October 2020

30th October 2020 0 Comments

Final day completed of our mobile crane thorough examination course. The course is completed over three days and incorporates a good mix of both theory and practical elements for all-terrain, rough terrain, industrial and crawler cranes at our Peterborough training school. The course is aimed at crane engineers…

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Facebook Update | 28 June 2020

28th June 2020 0 Comments

Great job completed by our electric-mechanical engineers this week, working 150 meters below ground at the UK’s largest salt mine. Supply and fitting of a new 8t wire rope hoist and modified electrics enabling full radio control of hoist and gantry. Given the high UK temperatures this week, possibly the…

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Facebook Update | 19 May 2020

19th May 2020 0 Comments

Our new aluminium Power-Pad HD LITE’s completing more successful field tests today, working with one of our Tadano ATF220G’s rigged with 47t counterweight, placing multiple loads (3t @ 50 meter radius.) #aluminium #outrigger #power pad #tadano…

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